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Want to get an idea of what it’s like to be at one of my talks? Here’s one of my keynotes where I discuss moving fast in a fast-moving landscape.


what I talk about


As a senior leader in a multi-billion dollar public company, I’ve had the privilege of both working for and alongside some incredible leaders. Outside of my mentoring with other execs, I enjoy sharing the lessons I’ve learned while building and scaling high-performing, inclusive teams.


For the past half-decade, I’ve been heavily involved in the blockchain and emerging web3 space. Alongside investing in a host of exciting teams, I’ve been covering the developments in the industry through my podcast and onboarding the next wave of users through my DeFi course.

Community Building

Community is at the heart of nearly everything I do. Whether that’s helping to build loyal communities around brands or through the development of my own community at Traffic Think Tank, there’s plenty of stories, advice, and lessons I can share.

Podcasts I’ve spoken on

Decrypting Crypto

Explaining the rise of Bitcoin and how it works.

Decrypting Crypto

What gives cryptocurrencies their value?

Decrypting Crypto

A primer on the Ethereum blockchain

Where I’ve spoken at recently

  • United Kingdom

    Token2049, London

    November 10th, 2022


  • United Kingdom

    NFT London

    November 3rd, 2022


  • United States


    June 22nd, 2022


What others say

When Matt writes a new post I drop everything and read it. He is thorough, structured, and actionable with every post and more importantly I learn something I’ve never read elsewhere every time.

Brian Balfour, CEO

Matthew knew exactly how to engage the audience with the right content. He went above and beyond to network and form relationships with our community, both offline and online. I highly recommend Matthew as a speaker or panelist for future events.

Dani Hart, Head of Growth

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