I help ambitious teams reach their next stage of growth

The Perfect Fit


Product SaaS
Revenue $10m-$50m
Challenges Growth strategy
Building a team


Product SaaS
Revenue $100m-$500m+
Revenue Hiring great leaders
Scaling growth
Product strategy


Product Customer
Paid Community
Revenue $5m-$20+
Challenges Community growth strategy
Tech & automation
Building a team

Over the past decade, I’ve worked with, invested in, and become an advisor to a number of exciting companies that align with what I’m passionate about.

I take on a very limited number of advisory roles and make several early-stage investments each year.


how I create growth

Growth strategy

Developing growth strategies has been a core component of my work over the past decade. As both a senior leader and an entrepreneur, I can help guide your team on the right approach for the stage you’re at.

1:1 Mentoring

Leadership and personal development is an area that I’m particularly passionate about. A number of the engagements I take on focus on working with individual leaders to help them take their team and career to the next level.

High-performing teams

I’ve built a whole host of great teams. This ranges from best-in-class customer acquisition teams to customer marketing and community teams. Tap into my network and have me as part of your interview team.

What others say

Matt is one of the top growth professionals out there. He has a huge impact on everything he touches. I wish I could clone his brain.

Brian Balfour, CEO

If you want to measure your traffic in millions and aggressively grow, the knowledge you need is hard to find. It’s about building the business structures that will develop and bring results. Matt is the perfect architect and builder.

Max Roslyakov, SVP, Marketing

Matthew has a phenomenal understanding of the pain points faced by marketers. He helped us understand and address those pain points by working with us to bring a product from concept to market. Beyond that he is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Paul Johnson, COO

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