Mastering DeFi

Follow along as I explain all of the key concepts and mechanics within the world of decentralized finance (DeFi). With over-the-shoulder tutorials, I’ll walk you through every step in the process of generating passive income from cryptocurrency. Within the course, you’ll see lessons on:

  • The basics of getting set up within DeFi.
  • The important theory and mechanics of DeFi.
  • Lending and borrowing against your crypto assets.
  • Ways to earn between 15-25% APR on stablecoins.
  • How to evaluate risk.
  • + much more.

A one-time fee with full access

No long-term commitments or monthly fees, simply pay a one-time low price and get access to the full course, including all of the updates that I release in the future. Get instant access and begin learning at your own pace with over 30 individual lessons.

Full membership

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What you get

Getting set up

Before you dive in, I'll show you how to get set up correctly with a crypto wallet, a dashboard to track your investments, a tax tracking platform, and some of the basic security measures you to take to reduce risk.

Learn how it works

Once you have the basics down, I simplify down some of the more complex aspects of DeFi so that you're armed with all the knowledge you need to make good decisions and evaluate opportunities correctly.

Advanced tutorials

After you've mastered the fundamentals, there's a whole host of more advanced tutorials that you can follow along to. You'll learn about yield farming, decentralized derivatives, liquidity pooling, and much more.

A few highlights...

  • Setting up your DeFi dashboard Basics
  • Bridging from Ethereum to Avalance Basics
  • Reducing fees with liquidity aggregators Basics
  • Earning 7% APY on your ETH Intermediate
  • Lending and borrowing against your crypto Intermediate
  • Automating yield farming for compounding returns Intermediate
  • Earning up to 100% APY on stablecoins Advanced


Absolutely. I go through all of the very first steps and basic setup required to get started with crypto assets. If you’re relatively familiar with crypto and maybe already hold some, you can easily skip through the first couple of lessons, too.

As you progress through the setup stages, I teach you the fundamental theory behind decentralized finance and then show you some of the simpler ways to get started. This should get you to a level where you feel more confident tackling some of the more advanced lessons.

Not at all. Ideally, you’ll have a minimum of $1,000 that you’re happy to spend over the next 12 months, but you could easily do this with less if you just want to play around. I share examples across a number of different blockchains so that you can avoid Ethereum’s high gas fees if you’d prefer.

You can learn at your own pace, so it’s really up to you. Within two hours you should be armed with enough knowledge to start playing around in DeFi on your own. There’s then several additional hours of content that you can dig into once you’ve mastered the basics.

No. I’m actually based in the UK and have made sure that everything mentioned in the course caters to a completely global audience.

Yes. Once you’ve paid the one-time fee for the course, you’ll get immediate access to any new content that I add at no extra cost. I plan on regularly adding new lessons.

Yes. In most of the lessons, I share them as over-the-shoulder tutorials that you can follow along with. I go through and make the trades I’m discussing while I record the lessons so you can see exactly how it all works.

I plan to keep the course as affordable as possible. That said, the price it’s available for right now is going to increase. If you purchase now, you get everything for the current price and will never have to pay anything additional. This includes any future updates.

What student's had to say

Going from zero to one on DeFi requires a ton of time digging around to find the right answers. Decrypting DeFi has made my journey easy, affordable and fun. This course has allowed me up my game quickly, and shown me ROI right out of the gate.

Bill King, Growth @ Kraken

Matthew's course has given me the confidence to begin my DeFi journey. The over the shoulder videos have been really helpful too!

Ronan Kelleher, Consultant

Thanks to Matt, I turned a $25k investment into $90K of digital assets in the space of 3 months; and If that wasn’t good enough, those assets now pay me $8,000 a month in passive income. This course is life changing.

Shane Austin, We Go Beyond